Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry dental caries, worn teeth, colored teeth (whitening), sensitive teeth, intermittent teeth (diestema), traumatized teeth, broken teeth, shape, texture and form performs the treatment of teeth with impaired teeth, slight convulsions.

Nowadays, dentists are also referred to aesthetic conditions, besides dental diseases.

People use many methods for their teeth to be beautiful, white and neat. Aesthetic dentists apply the medically appropriate ones of these methods. Aesthetic dentists allow people's teeth to look much more neat and beautiful by various methods and interventions. It is very important that these interventions are carried out in sterile environments, in accordance with health. Aesthetic dentists design teeth proportional to the facial structure by examining the features on teeth, gums and jaw structure.

Our aesthetic dentists; 

With differences in color, shape and position between teeth, 

With disorders of the gums in terms of appearance, 

With the harmony of teeth, gums, lips, chin and face,

With gaps between the teeth, 

With broken teeth, 

He is interested in old, poor-looking fillings.

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  • Geliştirilmiş çiğneme ve konuşma
  • Doğal fonksiyon ve görünüm
  • Geliştirilmiş yüz görünümü
  • Kemik kaybının önlenmesi
  • Özel bir bakım gerektirmez
  • Çok sağlam ve güvenli
  • Diyet kısıtlaması yok
  • Değiştirilebilir, güncellenebilir