Quron Coating Applications

Quron prostheses; prostheses made of various materials that serve to restore the parts of the teeth seen in the mouth. It is generally preferred when there is too much loss of material to be filled in teeth or in the presence of different aesthetic expectations.

Artificial re-planned by the dentist in accordance with the environment inside the mouth when the congenital natural quron layer of the tooth for any reason is eroded and lost its protective function. Kuron alternative is the basic production algorithm followed when creating artificial production and making teeth through dental technicians in accordance with the received molds.

Artificial quron, after the production of the rough structure of the tooth, processed by the dentist to be re-seated in the mouth to undergo fine adaptation processes and chewing, speech, aesthetic After fulfilling the expectations of its functions, the process of fixing and gluing on the old tooth root is called to cover the entire quron.

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