Odor Treatment (Halitosis)

Halitosis is caused by volatile gases in your breath. These gases are the main sulfur components, aromatic carbons, components of nitrogen origin, amines, fatty acids, alcohol, ketone and phenyl groups. Among them, sulfur components are in the first place and are produced by bacteria in our mouth. Ketones are more often the cause of lung-induced odor

How to Treat Halitosis?

Steps should be taken to reduce bacteria in our mouth. Treatment of teeth and gums is the first step.
Antiseptic mouthwashes are quite useful. Chlorhexidine is a valuable antiseptic agent. But its prolonged use can cause staining on the teeth and mucosal surfaces.
Oral hygiene is very important in the control of bad breath.
Regular brushing of teeth, the use of floss, keeping between teeth clean is very important.
Keeping the surface of the tongue clean is also very critical. When the tongue surface is not kept clean, it can become a bacterial slot.
When structural slits are found on the surface of the tongue, the cluster of bacteria increases even more. One study showed that oral odor decreased by 40% with proper tongue cleansing.
Cleaning of intraoral prostheses is very important. It should be ensured that the lower surface of the tooth fillings is not caries.
Sometimes food residue can escape between fillings and cause halitosis.

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