Dental implants represent a common procedure for permanent replacement of missing teeth without affecting other teeth. With the help of dental implants, tooth losses can be completely eliminated. So we can quickly develop the skills of chewing and speech, but also bring back a beautiful smile. Implants can also be used as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or prosthesis.

Implants are artificial tooth roots, specially made of titanium, compatible with tissues, placed on the jaw bone for the completion of missing teeth. It is inserted into the jawbone with a small surgical intervention. In implant applications, a two-stage surgical procedure is usually performed. Implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw bone and made of appropriate material in order to restore the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Traditional coating is much safer, functional alternative treatment than bridge and palate prosthetics.

Today, although the concept of dental implant is a word of foreign origin, it has become a word known and spoken among the public. The popularity of the word implant has been introduced into dentistry as a scientific concept in the last 20 years. If we look at the word meaning of dental implants, “dental” is used for those related to the tooth, while “implant” means inserted and placed inside the tissue.

“Dental Implant” is an underlying structure called an implant placed inside or on the jaw bone, aimed at eliminating tooth deficiency and completing lost parts in the oral area and are prosthetic structures made of titanium, which ensures its retention.

To tell simply: “implant tooth treatment” is to insert an artificial tooth into the jaw bone and serve as a natural tooth. Thanks to these implants, people are able to have new artificial teeth that provide the same comfort instead of their natural teeth lost over time and regain their living comfort.

The choice of many people with beautiful smile design concerns in alternative dental treatment is implant dental treatment.

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