Smile Design

We design your smile at “Dentanice”

Smile design not only teeth, but also the aesthetics of the gums is important. Primarily, if the patient does not need surgical and orthodontic treatment, gum health is restored and the levels of the gums are regulated. Changes in color, position, size and shape of teeth; whitening processes are rearranged with zirconium ceramics, full ceramics or lamina veneer ceramics applications.

Smile Aesthetics to evaluate the appearance of lips, gums and teeth first and then together in order to give a natural and aesthetic look to the person's smile and make these factors most harmonious is the preferred method of treatment on behalf of the.

The smile design is made to achieve a personalized, face-matched and natural smile. Therefore, the procedures that will be involved in the process of smile aesthetics are first shaped according to the needs of the patient and then their expectations.

Smile design is a process consisting of multiple operations. Each procedure is added or removed to the treatment process according to the person's current oral and dental health. First of all, the aesthetics of smile started with correction of unaesthetically pleasing teeth, eliminating various gum disorders and improving oral health, the gender of the person, gives different results depending on facial contours, age and expectations. If the appearance obtained looks unique and natural, it means that the process has been successful.

  • Kalıcı çözüm
  • Geliştirilmiş çiğneme ve konuşma
  • Doğal fonksiyon ve görünüm
  • Geliştirilmiş yüz görünümü
  • Kemik kaybının önlenmesi
  • Özel bir bakım gerektirmez
  • Çok sağlam ve güvenli
  • Diyet kısıtlaması yok
  • Değiştirilebilir, güncellenebilir