Panoramic X-ray

What is Panoramic X-ray?

With the film, the pathological appearance on the teeth and jaw is achieved. With X-ray, formations on the lower and upper jaws and the smallest details can be easily seen. To determine the course of treatment, it is recommended to withdraw after the first examination.

How to Take a Panoramic X-ray?

The jaw of the patient, first taken into the X-ray room, is placed on the head of the X-ray device. A thin apparatus, consisting of two parts, surrounds the head. After all adjustments and adjustments are made, the device revolves around the head transmits the images it receives to the computer. Thus, the viewing process is done.

Do Panoramic X-rays Give Pain? 

Most people think that they experience pain during panoramic X-rays. But it is not possible to see any pain in the panoramic X-ray shooting. You can safely take panoramic X-rays.

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