Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Cracks and fractures in the teeth, caries occurring in the tooth, incorrect treatment processes, incorrect restorations as a result of the loss of vitality of the nerves and vessels in the tooth cleaning, disinfecting infected nerves located in the ducts and filling with duct fillers is called canal therapy.

The tooth can die or become inflamed due to bacteria reaching the pulp of the tooth due to a fracture caused by a large caries or trauma. Chewing, pressure or hot-cold in such a situation can cause excessive sensitivity and pain. Also, there may be pain without any factors and do not respond to pain relievers at night. In such cases, the tooth can not self-heal, and the drugs that you will take without the knowledge of your doctor, especially antibiotics, can postpone your pain only for a temporary period. When the problem grows, infection can spread to the lower tissues and cause swelling on your face as an abscess and treatment becomes more difficult and the tooth may need to be pulled. The only solution in this case is cleaning the pulp of the tooth, eliminating the nerves that cause pain. Despite the fact that shooting is a cheaper method of treatment, the loss of a solid tooth forms a cavity that is difficult to fill. Making a bridge, prosthesis or implant for the purpose of closing this gap brings more costly and difficult treatment. If you have the opportunity to choose, you will always be your advantage not to lose your teeth.

Unlike previous years, with new treatment systems (digital imaging) and methods used today (turlu channel forming), no pain occurs during canal treatment. Canal treatment can be completed in one session, as well as several sessions depending on the condition of the tooth.

The tooth restored after canal treatment can be used as healthy for many years as long as hygiene rules are observed.

Canal treatment can be done by laser.

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