Dental Stone Cleaning

Delayed cleaning, increased dental stones and stains can lead to an extension of the duration and number of sessions.

In the mouth, which is not cleaned of dental stones;
Gum growth or withdrawal, and due to this, tooth loss may be observed.
Gum extraction causes sensitivity to exposed tooth surfaces.
The tooth surfaces that have arisen due to the removal of the gums quickly decay and are treated more difficult.
Accumulating bacteria into dental stones increase the risk and speed of caries formation in the teeth.
Toothstones cause bad breath.
Teeth get a yellow color due to dental stones and gum diseases.
Tooth stones can cause permanent (dental stone cleaning does not heal) intervals by opening the teeth. Accumulated dental stones not only push the gum, but also cause melts in the bone that holds the tooth.
As a result of melting in the bones holding the tooth, the teeth begin to shake.

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